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Item: H198
Intrepid donovan bud vase

Item: 08435
Ruffle bowl

Item: 08725
Florentine vase

Item: 03021
Imperial vase

Item: 03031
Imperial vase

Item: 03041
Tall slim v vase

Item: 03051
Tall slim v vase

Item: H-614 BV
Heart bud vase

Item: H-660
Bud vase

Item: 13132
Mint julep vase

Item: 90471
Romantica beaded vase

Item: 90472
Romantica beaded vase

Item: 90476
Romantica beaded vase

Item: 6489
Square vase

Item: 220-N

Item: 221/2

Item: 230
Ribbed vase

Item: 240-N
Ribbed vase

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