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Bathroom Accessories

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Item: SN75E
Covered jar

Item: H-1230
Oval cotton ball canister

Item: H-1232
Oval qtip canister

Item: 67774
York apothecary "1" jar

Item: 16924
Ellipse 4 tier shelf

Item: 02-D8590
Bathtub caddy

Item: 34019
Eco styles 3 shelf tower

Item: 34020
Eco styles 4 shelf tower

Item: 34021
Eco styles 5 shelf tower

Item: QUIN - CB
Quincy plastic collection

Item: CHC10H
Amenity tray

Item: CHC1H
Cotton swab / cotton container

Item: CHC3H
Soap dish

Item: CHC4H
Toothbrush holder

Item: CHC5H

Item: CHC6H
Soap/lotion pump

Item: CHC8H

Item: CHC9H
Boutique tissue

Chic 18/8 stainless steel collection

Item: MD10H

Item: MER - TAT
Merlot 18/8 stainless steel collection

Item: MR1H
Cotton swab/cotton container

Item: MR3H
Soap dish

Item: MR4H
Toothbrush holder

Item: MR5H

Item: MR6H
Soap/lotion pump

Item: MR8H

Item: MR9H
Boutique tissue

Item: 68514
Duo wall hook

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