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Erwyn, a leading supplier of innovative products to the hospitality industry for over thirty (30) years, has established a personal care amenities division, Grant & Sons Co™.


Grant & Sons Co™ is a full service Personal Care Amenity company. We design, develop, manufacture and distribute our amenity lines. While Grant & Sons Co.™   is new, Erwyn has been supplying Personal Care Amenities to the hospitality industry for many years.


Some of the characteristics of our products are:


  • Terrific Design
  • Clean/fresh fragrances
  • Quality vegetable based ingredients
  • Cutting edge manufacturing capability
  • Co-branding & custom program capability


Some of the benefits of working with Grant & Sons Co™ for all your amenity needs are:


  • Factory direct pricing
  • Multiple warehouse locations
  • Unsurpassed customer service


Contact us today for more information on our Personal Care Amenities.


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